Luxilon Natural Gut

Playability and Feel

The natural gut is a string with an organic raw material. The Luxilon Natural Gut comes in two forms: a full set and a hybrid. The full set is the most common, as it is more flexible than its polyester counterpart. The natural gut is more flexible and lasts longer than any other string. It is the perfect partner for co-poly strings and is suitable for all-purpose play. The coating is unique and delivers premium performance. It provides maximum touch and comfort.

It is an good choice to be used with a Luxilon monofilament string

The string is designed to be used with the Luxilon monofilament strings, although Luxilon recommends using the hybrid string in conjunction with the natural gut. The string comes packaged in a resealable bag and is shipped directly to the consumer. The packaging also makes it easy to store and carry.

Compared to synthetic gut strings

Compared to synthetic gut strings, the Luxilon Natural Gut is a premium option. This type of string is more expensive than synthetic strings but offers superior touch. Its durability and high quality is comparable to synthetic gut. The Luxilon Naturalgut is suitable for both ALU Power and 4G. Its midpoint is marked for easy half-set measurements. All these benefits make it an excellent choice for all types of players. Its moisture-resistant coating is a key benefit, as it provides a premium feel. Available in 16G and 18G gauges, Luxilon Natural Gut is the perfect choice for any player looking to make a statement on the court.

Price…  it is one of the most expensive strings on the market

The Luxilon Natural Gut features a twisted string pattern that makes the strings durable and long-lasting. The dense string pattern is especially beneficial for natural gut, as it improves the longevity of the product. Its price is around $40 to $50 per set. But compared to synthetic gut strings, it is more expensive than synthetic gut, but it is a high quality guitar string. Its texture is smooth and even.
The new Luxilon Natural Gut tennis string is one of the most expensive strings on the market. This is because it is made of beef serosa fibers. The strings are lively and have an inherent resiliency. They have an excellent touch and feel and are shock absorbing. The sturdiness of the Luxilon Natural Gut makes them an excellent choice for beginners and professionals alike.  Although they are expensive, they are incredibly comfortable and provide exceptional performance.The Luxilon Natural Gut is made of a thicker core than natural gut, so it will be easier to maintain tension. Nevertheless, natural gut tennis strings are expensive. If you’re looking for a cheaper alternative, you might want to consider the Pacific Classic Natural Gut.

superior tennis string with great playability and power.

The Luxilon Natural Gut is a superior tennis string with great playability and power. The natural gut tennis string is incredibly elastic and gives you a powerful response when the ball hits it. The Luxilon Naturalgut is available in 125mm and 130mm and is available in both natural and synthetic colors. It is a great choice for beginners and pros alike.
One of the main benefits of using natural gut is that it’s easy on the arm. The tension of this string doesn’t increase as much as the tension of other types of strings when you hit the ball. Rather, it absorbs vibrations and is ideal for players who have arm injuries. Its great feel is also recommended for players who want to reduce the harshness of the strings. The Luxilon Natural Gut is a great choice for those who are looking for a high-quality and affordable tennis string.

Luxilon Natural Gut String Scores

Power 94
Spin 79
Comfort 98
Control 80
Feel 92
Playability Duration 95
Durability 70
Overall 92

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