Women’s Tennis Association (WTA) Thousand Points Tournaments

In the Women’s Tennis Association (WTA) tour, the “Thousand Points Tournaments”

Refer to the Premier Mandatory and Premier 5 tournaments. These tournaments are part of the WTA Tour’s highest tier of events, offering significant prize money, ranking points, and prestige. The name “Thousand Points Tournaments” comes from the fact that the winners of these tournaments typically earn around 1000 ranking points, although the exact number may vary slightly depending on the tournament.

Premier Mandatory Tournaments

Premier Mandatory tournaments are the highest tier of WTA events outside of the Grand Slams. There are currently four Premier Mandatory tournaments held each year:

  1. Indian Wells Masters: Also known as the BNP Paribas Open, this tournament takes place in Indian Wells, California, United States, typically in March.
  2. Miami Open: Held in Miami Gardens, Florida, United States, the Miami Open is another prestigious Premier Mandatory event, usually taking place in March or April.
  3. Madrid Open: The Madrid Open is held in Madrid, Spain, on clay courts. It typically occurs in May as part of the European clay court season.
  4. China Open: Taking place in Beijing, China, the China Open is usually held in September or October and marks the start of the Asian swing on the WTA tour.

Premier 5 Tournaments

Premier 5 tournaments are the next tier of WTA events in terms of ranking points and prize money. There are currently five Premier 5 tournaments held each year:

  1. Italian Open: Also known as the Internazionali BNL d’Italia, this tournament is held in Rome, Italy, typically in May.
  2. Canadian Open: The Canadian Open alternates between the cities of Montreal and Toronto, Canada, with the women’s event usually held in August.
  3. Cincinnati Open: Officially known as the Western & Southern Open, this tournament takes place in Cincinnati, Ohio, United States, typically in August.
  4. Wuhan Open: Held in Wuhan, China, this tournament is usually scheduled for September and is an important event in the Asian swing of the WTA tour.
  5. Qatar Total Open: This tournament is held in Doha, Qatar, typically in February, and is one of the early events on the WTA tour calendar.

These Premier Mandatory and Premier 5 tournaments are highly prestigious events on the WTA tour, attracting the top players from around the world and offering significant rewards in terms of ranking points and prize money.

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