Natural gut strings are made of the gut of a cow in a complex process. The best features are their elasticity, tension stability and liveliness. They are very expensive and  very sensitive to weather conditions.  The last few years a lot of improvement has been made in this respect.  Still many of the pros play natural gut. We don’t recommend natural gut for the normal club level player, since those players should use strings with better price and performance price difference.  

natural gut


Natural gut is considered the bestetennis string since the first 1800’s. It’s been and still is, the foremost frequently used string on the professional tour. The history of natural gut tennis string goes back almost to the start of tennis itself. The primary set of natural gut tennis string was made by Pierre Babolat in 1875. Fifty years later, Babolat would launch VS Brand Gut. Almost eighty years later, VS Brand Gut continues to be one among the best recognized brands of natural gut…

Where does natural gut come from... a cat?

No, the source of natural gut tennis string is that the cow. Its intestine called the serosa. The common misconception that gut string are made of cats. Within the Middle Ages Welsh Troubadours played an instrument that seemed like a cat meowing. The English people called this instrument a cat. And its string was called cat gut. When natural gut strings made their way into tennis racquets the cat gut name stuck. So natural gut tennis string is sometimes mentioned as catgut, but cats never were a source for racquet strings! Do cowst that live in climates that produce lush pastures produce better natural gut…? Some manufacturers think so, and buy their serosa from specific sources in an attempt to have a  consistent quality of string.

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